Thursday, 8 November 2012

Pre Order your Wargame Flags, Transfers, Models and Accesories for Warfare 2012

Pre Order Now for Warfare 2012!

Old West Gallows Kit by Battle Flag £10.50

Anyone wanting to purchase, flags, transfers, buildings, bases or paint racks for collection and payment at Warfare 2012, November 17th & 18th at Reading, from the lads at First Corps can pre order now.

Official Fireforge Games Waterslide Transfers by Battle Flag £5.50 per sheet of 24 shields
First Corps carry our complete range to all Major UK shows with the exception of the 15mm flags. So any of you 15mm gamers will need to pre order your stuff if you want to be able to field your armies under some of the finest wargame flags available.

Paint Storage Rack by Battle Flag £22.50
Lots of new transfer sets will be getting their first airing at Reading, the new Imperial Roman, Celts, the  official Fireforge Games Foot Sergeants shield decals and more will all be available from First Corps.

Archival Quality Wargame Flags from just £1.00
Battle Flag
Raising the Standard

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