Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New 15mm ECW Scots Wargame Flags from Battle Flag

The flags and standards of the Montrose Irish and Royalist Scots plus those of the ardent Scots Covenanters are now available in 15mm, for collectors and English Civil War period wargamers, from Battle Flag.

15mm Flags of The Royalist Army of Scotland  (£5.50)

The new 15mm wargame flag sheets use the same beautiful artwork as our 28mm wargame flags and benefit from our high resolution printing process for outstanding detail and quality.

15mm Covenanter Flags and Standards (£9.00)

As with all our wargame flags they are printed on museum quality papers using archival ink for long lasting value.

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“He either fears his fate too much,
Or his deserts are small,
That puts it not unto the touch
To win or lose it all”

From Montrose's poem:
My Dear and Only Love

Battle Flag
Raising the Standard

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