Sunday, 2 December 2012

New Official Waterslide Shield Transfers for Fireforge Games Templar Sergeants from Battle Flag

Here at Battle Flag we have just completed work on the latest sets of official waterslide shield transfers for the upcoming Templar Sergeants boxed set from Fireforge Games.

 Two large super value sets of shield transfers are available in both pristine and battle weary finishes. Each set contains enough transfers for 24 miniatures allowing the gamer and modeller to complete the shields, surcoats, cloaks and helmets with Templar crosses and devices.

Each set of shields carries six different designs across the 4 different shields included in the Fireforge boxed set of plastic Templar Sergeants.

Priced at just 8.50 per sheet they are available now from our secure online store 


 Battle Flag
Raising the Standard

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