Sunday, 3 February 2013

New Fireforge Waterslide Transfers and Decals for the Sergeants, Teutonic & Crusader Infantry Boxed Sets

With the imminent release of their new plastic foot figure boxed sets the chaps at Fireforge Games asked us to include transfers for some of the other Chivalric Orders, along with the Templar and Teutonic Orders, in our design schedule.

With that remit in mind we have created special sets for the Order of Lazarus (The Leper Knights), The Knights of Jerusalem, The Order of St. James of the Sword and the Order of Calatrava.

 Each sheet of beautifully designed true water slide transfers make it easy, for the modeler and gamer of Fireforge models, to create a collection of some of the more esoteric of the Holy Orders.

Over the coming weeks we will be adding more sets to include Hospitaller Knights and the Knights of Malta among others to this exciting  range of Crusader transfers and decals.

 All the Fireforge transfers are available in either damaged or undamaged depending on your preference.

You can purchase these Official transfer sets for Fireforge Games Miniatures direct from Battle Flag.

Raising the Standard

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