Wednesday, 10 October 2012

28mm Old West Townsfolk for Battle Flag's Frontier Period Wargame Bulidings

The first citizens of Trinity are now available to purchase. Designed specifically to compliment Battle Flag’s range of Old West model buildings the first release of 8 miniatures includes: the 2 Attorney’s, Store Keeper. Bar Tender, Undertaker, Photographer, Doctor and Sheriff.

Available now from our online store and priced at just £10.00 per pack of all 8 figures
We will be releasing more exciting model buildings and miniatures in the very near future. Already on the design table, and by popular demand some “soiled doves” (working girls…ahem) for our Bordello, La Maison Rouge, and a stunning set piece for the building range that should make a lot of gamers and collectors very happy indeed.

28mm Old West Bar Tender

You can purchase these and our other models, transfers and flags direct from our secure online shop or at all major UK wargame shows and conventions from the First Corps Miniatures stand.

Our next show is SELWG 2012, Sunday 14th October at the Crystal Palace Sports Facility where First Corps Miniatures will be selling the complete range of Battle Flag product.

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