Monday, 8 October 2012

Battle Flag Old West Model Buildings on Display at World Wargames

Great Escape Games had their all new "Dead Man’s Hand" gaming board on display at the recent 2012 World Wargames at Castle Donington in Derby.

Built on a Texas Hold ’Em table the terrain featured no less than nine of Battle Flags 28mm Old West wargame buildings and models; the Bordello, Undertakers, Sheriff’s, Attorney’s, Gunsmith’s, Bank, General Store, Saloon and Gallows.

The models featured bespoke decals and transfers, including a special "Dead Man’s Hand" Saloon decal which will be available to order by the end of this week.

We were extremely pleased to have provided the finished model buildings for Great Escape’s exciting new Wild West demo table of their all new game "Dead Man’s Hand."

The table and model buildings will be demoing at all major UK wargame shows and conventions over the coming year.

These and other superb Old West model wargame buildings and  kits from the Battle Flag range are available from our secure online store or from the First Corps Miniatures stand at all major UK wargame shows and conventions.


  1. very nice buildings!!! these houses are on my "i-want-this"-list... :-)

  2. Thanks Alex. Something really nice comming soon that I think you just might want to add to that list of yours as well ;-)


    1. oh god, no. where is my cash? oh richard has it. great!