Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Fireforge Templar Knights Waterslide Decals and New Flag Set


The latest all brand new sheet of true waterslide transfers and new flag and pennant plate from Battle Flag are for the superb new Templar Knights boxed set from Fireforge.

With over 99 individual waterslide decals on the transfer sheet there are more than enough to complete a full box of the Fireforge Templar Knights. As with all Battle Flags waterslide transfers they are true waterslide, tough and flexible and dry to approximately a paint layer thick. Even over the most basic of paint jobs these will allow you to produce a superb looking unit of Fireforge Templar Knights.

We designed the transfers to allow you to paint the visually striking black and white barding as well as the simpler all white. You can see from the image of the finished standard bearer just how effective the black and white barding is.
The new flag plate, released to coincide with the Templar transfers, contains the Templar standard and 9 lance pennants. Printed using archival paper and inks for lasting value; these can be purchased separately or as a Fireforge special deal consisting of the transfer sheet and flag plate for just £10.50 a saving of £1.00 on normal retail.


 To purchase these or any other transfers in the Battle Flag range of true waterslide decals and transfers go to our secure online shop at

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