Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wild West Model Building for Old West Wargames and Skirmish Games

The Old West range of model buildings is now growing apace, with the release of our superb Wild West Bordello Kit already this week, we are now pleased to announce our Attorney's Office.

Made from the same premium high resin content fibre board as all our models the Attorney's Office has a raised floor and boardwalk as well as a removable gabled roof and fully engraved internal floor for extra modelling and gaming possibilities.

Click on image for larger picture

Priced at just £16.50 this is a great way to start your collection of Battle Flag's range of premium Laser Cut Old West Model buildings.


  1. This range of buildings is looking great, making it hard to resist!


  2. Thanks Steve, we have lots more exciting models in the pipeline so be sure to keep checking the blog!

    Cheers, Richard

  3. Hello Puplcitizen, yes indeed the windows are precut. Infact the whole kit is pre cut. The models are designed to be assembled without any tools what-so-ever. Just some wood glue is all that is required. Think 3D jigsaw, with full colour instructions, and you get the idea. Very easy to assemble.

    Cheers, Richard