Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New 28mm Condottiere series of Wargame flags for the Italian City States

At Battle Flag, we have always had one simple rule; only release a product when we are confident that it is the best it can be. That is why from the very beginning our flags have been designed to the highest standards and scaled to offer the greatest visual impact on the gaming table or in the display cabinet. Our ECW flags have always been scaled as standard at 36mm square. Of course we have, at customers requests, scaled them larger and smaller depending on the clients requirements.

With over 25 years experience in the fine art industry we wanted to bring the same qualities that you would find in fine art prints to model wargame flags. That is why at Battle Flag we have only ever employed archival quality inks and museum quality papers. This not only ensures ultra sharp detail but means that the flags colours will remain strong and vivid for decades. Effectively, if properly looked after, the colours will remain true for in excess of 125 years.

The Battle Flag range of wargame flags will always offer superlative quality and value for money. With Battle Flag you can be confident that should you wish to add more flags to your wargame army now or in the future, our wargame flags will be of the same size and quality as any that you may have purchased previously.

Battle Flag, Raising the Standard! 

New 28mm Condottiere series of Wargame flags released.
 Lots more to coming soon! 

Medic (Variant I)

Medici (Variant II)

Medici (Variant III)

Priced at £2.70 per set these new wargame flags are available direct from our secure online shop and at all major UK wargame shows from First Corps Miniatures.
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  1. Oooh, will there be Milanese/Sforza flags?
    I'm currently building a Milanese army with the Perry late medieval range and finding good flags with enough variety proved impossible so far, these might be exactly what I've been waiting for.

  2. Finishing of Milanese and more Bologna Guild artwork at the moment, with plenty more Italian medieval stuff on the design table for publication soon.

    Thanks for the feedback