Monday, 23 July 2012

New 28mm Wild West Wargame Building for Blackwater Gulch. La Maison Rouge Bordello

The all new Frontier Period Bordello from Battle Flag is ready. La Maison Rouge is based on the Columbus Hotel from the Wadsworth Ghost Town in Nevada the model displays our most elaborate period “Gingerbread” detailing to date.

The model features 30mm deep, boardwalks, verandah and balcony making it perfect for Blackwater Gulch and Mailfaux miniatures. As with all our model wargame buildings it features a removable roof as well as a removable upper floor.

The model of La Maison Rouge is the second largest model in Battle Flags range of Wild West models, standing 185mm high, 170mm wide and 170mm deep and at just 45.00 makes it an excellent value centre piece for any Old West game.

 You can purchase this official Blackwater Gulch model direct from Battle Flag at our secure online shop.


  1. oh! this is cool and very nice! i love the red... :-)

  2. Thanks for the feedback on the model chaps! Always good to hear when people like the work.