Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New 28mm Wargame Polish Winged Hussar Pennants and Flags

What with all the transfers, Wild West buildings and laser cut gaming accessories of late it has been some time since I designed some new flags. While researching what would I should do for the next set, and having developed a new Damask Silk Effect for First Corps new Condottiere range of miniatures, I saw the all new 28mm Polish Winged Hussars from Warlord Games.

Close up of Damask Silk Effect

Polish Winged Hussars being my all time personal favourite troop type and the superb job that Wojtek has done on the miniatures I thought it a good excuse,  as I intend to add more than a few Polish Winged Hussar Regiments to my collection, to increase the number of sets of Polish flags and Hussar pennants, that I created just over a year ago, for a special request from the boys at the WAB forum.

I decided to release the flags and pennants on two different weights of archival paper; our standard heavier paper for the flags and the lighter paper for the pennants. This allows the gamer to get even greater movement into the Hussar pennants. The flags and pennants all look stunning in the Damask Silk effect and are extremely evocative of the period. Now to get hold of some of those fine looking Warlord Winged Hussars.

The pennants are available in 9 flag sets enough for a 12 figure Regiment (9 Hussars plus 3 Command) and there are 10 Battle Flags and Standards on the Polish Flag plate including two Cossack. You can purcahse these direct from the Battle Flag website and First Corps websites

Remember when attending UK wargame shows you can only purchase Battle Flag flags and transfers from First Corps Miniatures (who carry the full range including the Old West Buildings and our gaming accessories) or from Gringo’s 40 (who carry our 40mm scale Mex-Am Wargame flags).

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