Sunday, 8 July 2012

Conquest Games Norman Knight Shield Transfers by Battle Flag

The all new waterslide transfer set for Conquest Games Plastic Norman Knights is finally ready. Printed using archival quality inks on our exclusive waterslide transfer film the sheet contains 15 different shield designs; including one for the downed knight, the standard of William the Bastard (based on that shown in the Bayeux Tapestry) and three lance pennants.

Scaled for a perfect fit these are true waterslide decal, no peeling and sticking, simply soak in water for a few seconds and then slide into position and adjust for a perfect fit. The standard of William the Bastard comes in our all new Damask Silk effect print for a stunning wargame flag that befits such a high ranking Norman noble. The pennants, again based on details from the Tapestry, are in our well regarded silk effect and for added realism the shields all bear battle scars, sweat, snot, mud and blood .

This is a great value set that allows the gamer to completely finish Conquest Games 28mm Plastic Norman Knights boxed set with shields, flag and pennants and it can be purchased at or from First Corps Miniatures at all major UK wargame shows and their website for just £6.00 plus shipping.

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