Saturday, 28 April 2012

28mm Old West Wargame Undertaker's & Mortuary Annex

The Old West Building in the Trinity Wild West Range is that of the Undertaker Hermann von Kliest. A two storey building with an adobe mortuary annex it features lots of Frontier Period “Gingerbread” architectural detail and features.

 The exterior staircase that accesses the upper floor has a landing that is designed to accept 30mm diameter bases that takes Malifaux and similar miniatures without any unsightly overhang.

Standing 6.7 inches high and painted in a dark colour the Undertakers makes an imposing and somewhat sinister model either on its own or as part of a Wild West street scene; and looks great when used for Malifaux type games.

As with the rest of Battle Flag’s Old West Range of model buildings the models have been expertly scaled for Heroic 28mm and 30mm miniatures. The Undertaker's features a removable roof to the main building and the annex with a removable upper floor for added game play. Model Dimensions 170mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 175mm (L).

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