Friday, 23 March 2012

Old West Wargame Building: Sheriffs Office & Jail from Battle Flag

The latest Old West Model to be released by Battle Flag is the Sheriffs Office and Jail. No Old West wargame or model town would be complete with out a sheriff’s office and jail and our fictional town of Trinity is no exception.

With its large raised covered boardwalk and heavy wooden shutters to all the windows there is no mistaking that this has been designed as a tough building to get in or out of.

The twin cells of the adobe walled jailhouse are fronted onto the office with superbly detailed bars and gates, there are even key holes in the locks!

Available now this easy to assemble high quality 62 part kit can be purchased directly from our secure online store for just 22.50 plus postage and packing.

Roof shingle tiling will also be available in a variety of colours for this and the other models in our range of Old West model buildings as an optional extra for those that want to add extra realism to their models.

First Corps Miniatures will also have this and the other models & accessories in Battle Flag's range available at all major UK wargame shows and events during 2012.

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