Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Battle Flags of the Texas War of Independence.

The latest release of 28mm and 25mm wargame and model flags from Battle Flag sees the flags of the volunteers of the Texas War of Independence. Covering the main period of the war 1835-1836 as well as James Long’s earlier expeditions in 1821 the plates include the flags carried at the main battles of the Texas Revolution and of course that flown at the Alamo.

Battle Flag’s flags of the Texan War of Independence have been properly researched. The Latin stanzas are correct and I have avoided fictitious flags like the supposed flag of Lorenzo de Zavala.

The Blue Flag with the Lone Star with the name of Texas surrounding it, accredited as the de Zavala flag, was in fact first published in a book entitled "The Romantic Flags of Texas" by Mamie Wynne Cox in 1931. Cox conveniently ignored the journal entries that discuss the addition of a rainbow and stars to de Zavala's unknown design.

Battle Flag's flag plates are properly researched and printed on quality paper using archival quality inks to ensure lasting value. For more flags and details of our other ranges click www.battle-flag.com

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