Friday, 17 June 2011

New 28mm Flags for the Thirty Years War.

The new 28mm flag sets from the Battle Flag Thirty Years War series of wargame flags include 4 sets of colours for Sweden and three for the Catholic forces.

The Swedish TYW 28mm gamer can now add three flags of the Blue Mercenary Regiment, six of the flags carried by Leibenstein’s Regiment and three of the known Colours carried by MacKay’s Scots to their armies.

The Catholic TYW series not only sees new flags but adds a completely new Army to the Battle Flag range of wargame flags: The French Regiments of Louis XIII Army. The first three plates of the range allow the 28mm wargamer and collector to choose from no less than nine of the colours carried by the Gardes Francais.   

The new TYW 28mm flags are, as with all of the Battle flag range of wargame flags, printed with archival quality inks on quality papers. These and the rest of the Battle Flag range of model flags can be seen at our secure online shop

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