Wednesday, 6 October 2010

New: After The Battle Range of Model Wargame Flags Launched in 28mm and 15mm from Battle Flag.

Following the feed back that Ernie at Architects of War, in the U.S., and Michael from First Corps, here in the UK, received from wargamers at the various shows where they promote the Battle Flag product; and numerous requests from customers for battle torn model flags I have finally achived the battle worn look I have been after for months.

Following much research and design (Trial and error complicated with the odd disaster is probably more apt terminology but  R+D just sounds better) the first sheet of the new After the Battle sets is ready.

Literally ragged, tired and torn these wargame flags are designed to look as if they have been carried into many a fray during a long and arduous campaign. The colours are faded, singed and riddled with the holes of the various forms ordnance that has been fired at the regiments during their battles.

With the added realism of battle damage these flags bring a whole new look to your battle hardened troops.

To purchase these or any other flags in the Battle Flag Range click HERE


  1. Hi,
    this sounds like a great idea, will it be extended to other ranges?

  2. Hello Cyrille, I am working on all of the other flags at the moment. I want be able to offer both options throughout the range.

    Cheers, Richard

  3. Hi Richard,
    thanks for your prompt answer, looking forward to purchase some in the near future.

  4. These look awesome! Looking forward to seeing what else is coming up!

  5. Hello Sly, glad you like the work. I have started reworking the rest of the ranges already so there will be more to see soon.