Friday, 15 October 2010

Flags of The Mexican-American War now available from Battle Flag

This post must start with a huge thank you to Jonathan M. for recommending Battle Flag to GJM to create a range of flags to compliment GJM’s superb new Gringo 40s miniatures.

Having just got of the telephone with Ged at GJM, I am pleased to announce that a new range of Mexican American War flags from Battle Flag will be released in 40mm to compliment GJM,s excellent  new range of 40mm Mex-Am War miniatures.  

Battle Flag will support the range with a full range of beautiful Regimental and National Colours for the U.S. and Mexican forces.

The first release will cover the U.S Regular Infantry and Volunteer Regiments with the Mexican forces to follow shortly.

Using the same superlative artwork Battle Flag have also released the range in both 15mm & 28mm (The Battle Flag range are also now the official range of Mexican-American flags for First Corps excellent range of 28mm wargame figures).

Available now on our now familiar style of Collectors sheet the U.S. Regular Infantry plate is given added impact with a contemporary picture of General Winfield Scott and a facsimile of his signature.

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