Friday, 1 October 2010

New 28mm Wargame Flags. The Flags of the British Guards at Waterloo

This week sees the release of two all new Brigade sheets for the British at Waterloo.

The first sheet of model flags contains the Kings and Regimental colours of the 6th Brigade : 2/35th (Sussex) Foot, 1/54th (West Norfolk) Foot, 59th (2nd Nottinghamshire) Foot and the 1/91st Foot.

The second sheet contains wargame flags in either 28mm or 15mm for the 1st and 2nd Brigades, The Guards.

The 1st Brigade; 1st Battalion 1st Foot Guards Regiment and the 3rd Battalion 1st Foot Guards Regiment
The 2nd Brigade; 2nd Battalion 2nd (Coldstream) Foot Guards Regimentand the  2nd Battalion 3rd (Scots) Foot Guards Regiment

There are now 32 individual flags covering 16 British Regiments of the Waterloo campaign on 4 Brigade sheets offering the modeller and collector high quality artwork at sensible prices.

To purchase these or any other wargame flags from the Battle Flag range click HERE.

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