Wednesday, 15 August 2012

28mm Wild West Model Gallows. Hang'Em High!

You can now hang ‘em high in Trinity and Blackwater Gulch in fact in any 28/30mm Old West Frontier game.
Battle Flag’s easy to assemble laser cut precision kit gives the modeller and gamer a very realistic set of gallows for their Wild West games. Based on photographs of actual gallows of the Frontier period the model is perfectly sized for 28mm Heroic scale and 30mm wargame miniatures; making it ideal for Blackwater Gulch and Malifaux style games.

The easy to assemble Gallows kit from Battle Flag stands an impressive 105mm high. Based on a set of photographs of an actual gallows of the period it has all the details of the real thing; a traditional stair of 13 steps leads up to the fully engraved platform with its railings, crossbeam, trapdoor and lever. The platform has been designed to accommodate miniatures mounted on bases of up to 30mm. The scaffolding to the drop at the front of the model has been left without crossbeam supports; as a hanging was a popular day out and the authorities didn’t want the public’s viewing pleasure obstructed in any way. Gallows were constructed to ensure maximum spectacle.

Another feature of Battle Flag’s model gallows which is worthy of note is that, through careful design, our gallows are assembled with hidden construction joints. This gives a superbly realistic look to the finished model.

Battle Flag, Raising the Standard.

Priced at just £10.50 this is just one of the Battle Flag series of models from our Old West range of model buildings and can be purchased directly from our secure online store at or from all major UK wargame shows from First Corps Miniatures.


  1. Cheers Ray! Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Just finished assembling mine! Fine kit, like the others in the series, easy to assemble! Just the base work now, oh & the noose!