Thursday, 9 February 2012

Old West Wargame Building: The Trinity General Store and Post Office in 28mm

The latest model in Battle Flags Trinity series of Old West Buildings for wargamers and collectors is W. J. Cordners General Store and Post Office.

The New General Store Wargame Model Building From Battle Flag's Old West Range of Building Kits with Full Colour Finished Frontages.

The Old West Trinity General Store is owned and run by Scots Irishman W. "Jack" Cordner. Said never to have turned his back on a friend or an enemy Jack has a big heart and even bigger fists.

Following on from the Bank and Saloon the General Store is the third model to be released for the fictional wargame Old West town of Trinity. With its full colour, fully finished frontage of high windows and classic frontier period architechture and detailing based on photographs and records of an actual building the General Store is sure to delight gamers and collectors alike.

Also nearing completion are buildings for the doctor and the attorney, we will of course be uploading pics just as soon as they are available.

You can purchase the General Store, or any other of our model wargame bulidings from our secure online store at

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