Monday, 30 January 2012

Old West Cowboy Saloon Wargame Building

It's time for a tipple in the latest model from Battle Flag's exclusive range of wargame buildings belonging to our fictional Old West town of Trinity.

The Aces High Saloon is another in the beautifully detailed 28mm scale wargame Old West model buildings featuring a superbly designed laser cut MDF kit which is extremely easy to assemble. With all parts pre cut to exacting tolerances; think of a jigsaw that you clip together and you get the idea. No trimming,  filing and no painting is necessary as it has all been done for you. In fact there are only 6 parts to clip together to give you the model as per the picture above.

Not only that, but as with each standard model in the Battle Flag range of wargame buildings, it comes with a full colour fully finished and assembled frontage and a hi resolution easy to apply print for the roof. By doing all the hard work you are assured of a superb for the gaming table or your collection

Priced at just 20.00 plus postage and packing for the standard fully finished full colour kit. It is available now direct from our webstore . You can also get them at all major UK wargame shows from the 1st Corps Miniatures stand.

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