Sunday, 11 December 2011

New 28mm Wargame Flags for the English Civil War

 This week sees the release of no less than 12 new sheets for Battle Flags already extensive ECW range of 28mm wargame flags.

The Royalist gamer can now add the colours for Sir Gilbert Talbot’s Regiment of Foote to their collection.
Talbot's standards were of a white field, canton of St George and a black Talbot-Hound (the Talbot family badge). Six flags on three sheets provide wargame flags for The Colonel, Lt. Colonel, Major an the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Captains of Talbot’s Regiment of Foote.

The Parliamentarian wargamer is very well served in this weeks release with no less than 18 wargame flags for three Regiments of the London Trayned Bandes, White, Red and Orange. Each of the Bandes has 6 colours on three sheets providing the wargamer with colours for The Colonel, Lt. Colonel, Major an the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Captains.

 There will be more releases for the TYW and ACW very soon along with some stunning shield transfers for the Ancient Greeks and Teutonic knights (13th & 15th Century). You can view our complete range of flags and transfers at our secure online shop 

Battle Flag's wargame flags are designed and printed employing methods and techniques learned in the fine art industry.  Unlike most others Battle Flag only uses expensive archival quality inks and papers for a beautifully detailed finish and unsurpassed long lasting value. 


  1. I bet this game requires strategy and critical thinking.

  2. Indeed, wargaming with model soldiers has both those elements while in fact a multi faceted hobby. Involving researching the period, uniforms and strategy of the time to collecting, painting and gaming your army. Overall a fun and involving way to learn military history.