Friday, 5 November 2010

New Banner and Decal sets from Battle Flag

Here at Battle Flag we have been researching and working on not only a brand new range, The Knights of Edward I: Malleus Scottorum ,but a new product as well true waterslide decals.  Decals that are not only full multi colour but are vivid and bright and stay that way when placed on the figure.

The other prerequisites for the new transfer range from Battle Flag were that they had to be easy to apply. Simply wet the transfer and slide it into position while being strong enough to enable the modeler to adjust the position repeatedly until happy with it’s location on the miniature. The decals also needed to be thin and flexible enough to adhere properly while following the complicated folds and creases of model soldier figures and horses. And last but not least I wanted the decal to work with setting solutions like Micro Sol that would literally melt the transfer to the model.

After much experimentation the first “Decal and Banner” sets are now available.

Covering coats of arms of the knights that fought with Edward I, each set will allow the modeler to create historically correct knights, from the Rolls of Arms of Falkirk and Caerlaverock.  The sets consist of a banner sheet and a set of waterslide blazon decals for the caparison, surcoat and shield. Each decal has a generous correctly coloured surround, that allows you to easily blend the decal into the paintwork and is fully shaded and detailed for maximum effect.

The first sets are scaled specifically for the superb range of early Medieval Knights from Curtey’s Miniatures

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