Friday, 29 October 2010

Battle Flag Design the Flags for Obscure Miniatures Brand New Range of Wargame Figures

When Richard of Obscure Miniatures contacted me and asked me to create a series of flags for the belligerents of the War of the Triple Alliance, to support Obscure Miniatures superb new range of figures for Great Paraguayan War, I have to admit that up to that point it was a war that I had been ignorant of.

Obscure Miniatures must be applauded for creating a range of figures that finally gives South America’s bloodiest conflict the attention that it deserves.

The flags are available on 4 sheets each carrying the national colours of one of the countries involved in the war. All the Triple Alliance sets carry an image of the leader and the motto of that particular country; while Paraguay carries and image of Francisco Solano L√≥pez Carrillo and his last defiant words, “Muero con mi patria” (“I die with my Nation”).

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  1. Crackin' flags! Can't wait for the Obscure line to expand for this conflict!