Friday, 16 April 2010

Battle Flag Release American Civil War Confederate Flags in 54mm, 28mm/25mm, 20mm, 15mm

The first large, A4, wargame flag sheets are now available from battle flag. Covering the Regiments of the Confederacy with 11 flags per set these sheets provide the wargamer and military modeler with a large selection of high quality confederate battle flags and standards.

Designed to look as if they are blowing in the wind and printed slightly over scale as standard, for a more dramatic effect, the detail on these flags is simply stunning.

When you are viewing the image of the sheet remember that it is only a 72 dpi sample image the actual flags are printed at 300dpi. This means that even the batlle honours on the 22nd North Carolina Regiment are fully legible!

Click on the images below to supersize
 Sample image of ACW wargame flag sheet 1

Sample image of ACW wargame flag sheet 2


Sample image of ACW wargame flag sheet 3

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