Sunday, 28 October 2012

28mm Imperial Roman Shield Transfers for Warlord, Foundry and First Corps Miniatures from Battle Flag

The latest waterslide shield transfers and decals from Battle Flag are for the Early Imperial Romans. Based on the information in WRG’s, “ The Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome” by Phil Barker and Ian Heath, we have created some beautiful high resolution designs for gamers and collectors of 28mm Roman Miniatures .

 Printed on our own high quality waterslide transfer paper using archival quality inks each sheet carries 16 individual shield designs. 15 Legionary scutums and a round buckler for the Signifier.

Priced at t just £3.00 per set, Battle Flags true waterslide transfers, offer the gamer and collector of 28mm figures unsurpassed quality and value for money.

There will be lots more new and exciting releases in the comming weeks so be sure to keep checking our news blog or follow us on Facebook.

You can purchase these shield transfers directly from our secure online store or from our friends at First Corps Miniatures at their online shop and their stand at all major UK wargame shows.