Friday, 22 July 2011

All New 28mm Viking Wargame Water Slide Transfers from Battle Flag

"Valhalla Awaits Us Brothers"

At last the all new true waterslide decals from Battle Flag are ready. Employing a new type of water slide decal paper Battle Flag can now offer true water slide decals. Simply soak in water for approximately 20 seconds and slide into place,  unlike decals and transfers from other manufactures you can adjust the position until you are happy with the placement. Battle Flags new waterslide paper means no more badly stuck or misplaced transfers. 

The first 6 sheets of  28mm wargame transfers were specially created for my own collection of Gripping Beast plastic Viking boxed set but will fit any model shield of 13mm diameter. We can resize to your specific requirements, simply detail the diameter of your wargame figures shield at time of order and we will adjust them for a perfect fit.

With 12 different designs per set all with battle damage these will add great atmosphere to any 28mm Shield Wall. Printed at over 9000 dpi using fine art archival quality inks these 28mm shield decals will make your miniatures really stand out on the table.

As a special offer anyone ordering all 6 sets of 28mm Viking shield decals will receive the Viking standard in the picture of the vignette (Valhalla Awaits Us Brothers) above absolutely free of charge.

You can purchase these at our secure online shop by clicking HERE

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  1. ooooo they look very tempting, just need to buy the figures first!!