Thursday, 7 April 2011

Rally Round the Flag, Boys! New Wargame flags from Battle Flag

I thought that you might enjoy some images of a wonderful vignette that has just been completed by Angel Aparicio of Oniria’s War Paint for Gringo 40’s.

It shows the men of the 11th Toluca Regiment rallying around their Regimental standard making ready to defend against some unseen enemy.

The standard is from Battle Flag’ 40mm battle damaged range, created for Gringo 40’s wonderful new range of military miniatures and is available from both Battle Flag and Gringo 40’s.

Battle Flag's 40mm Toluca Regimental wargame flag is used to superb effect in this stunning diorama  by Angel Aparicio

There are currently 30 wargame flags and standards in the range and this is due to increase in the very near future with cavalry and artillery.

The flags are also available in 28mm, to compliment the excellent and comprehensive range of Mexican American wargame figures from 1st Corps, and 18mm for those that like their figures smaller but their armies larger. As always 10mm and 6mm model flags are available upon request.

Also This week three new sets of  ACW wargame flags have been added to the range. They include 5th New York (Duyrees Zoaves) the 114th Indiana and the 119th Ohio.

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