Thursday, 30 December 2010

Battle Flag Release The First Official Flags For The New Gringo 40's Mexican-American War Range

www.battle-flag.comThis weeks release from Battle Flag sees the first of over 30 new 40mm wargame flags designed specifically to compliment the superlative new range of Mexican-American War miniatures from Gringo 40’s.

The first  flags in the Gringo  40’s series from Battle Flag give the collector the choice of 10 Mexican Regiments including the heroic San Blas and the magnificent looking Grenadiers of the Supreme Powers.

Each new official wargame flag sheet from Battle Flag carries the distinctive new Gringo 40’s logo with its Spy Company Lancer.

The Mexican Regimental flags and standards included in the first release are;
Morelos (1st Perm.), Aldama (5th Perm.), Jimenez (6th), 2nd Movil, Granaderos de la Guardia de los Supremos Podres, Guardia Nacional Batallon Libres de Puebla, Augascalintes, Batallon Fijo de Mexico and the Batallon Fijo de California.

Next weeks release of official Gringo 40's wargame flags from Battle Flag will see the U.S. Regulars followed the week after by the U.S. Volunteers.

You can order these or any other of our flags at

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