Monday, 20 September 2010

New 15mm Thirty Years War Swedish Wargame Flags from Battle Flag.

Having had numerous requests for our popular Thirty Years War Swedish wargame flags in 15 mm I thought it was about time that I created a specific sheet for 15mm gamers.

The sheet contains all 6 Sweden wargame flag sets (18 flags)

This superb sheet contains 18 flags of the Swedish Army and their  : The Blue Regt (3), The green Regiment (3), Schlammersdorf Regiment (3), Mitschefall Regiment (3), Karberg Cavalry (3), Sachsen-Weimer (3).


  1. Can we please have more Swedish 30 years war flags !

  2. I am working on lots more TYW stuff at the moment, including the Swedish, some of which should be ready and on the blog over the next week.

    Cheers, Richard.