Friday, 6 August 2010

The Latest Wargaming flags from Battle Flag: The Flags of The Confederacy at Bloody Lane, Antietam, 17th September 1862.

The latest American Civil war sheet of wargaming flags from Battle Flag  offers the gamer and collector the flags of not one but two famous Confederate Brigades.

The Brigades of General Anderson’s North Carolinians and General Rodes’s Alabamians are both included. Famous for their heroic stand, and indeed huge losses during the Battle of Antietam, at the sunken road that would  come to become known tereafter as “Bloody Lane “ such was the level of carnage.

The Battle of Antietam, or Sharpsburg as the Confederates would call it, on the 17th September 1862, would be the bloodiest battle in American military history with over 23,000 casualties. More than twice as many Americans were killed or mortally wounded in combat at Antietam day as in the War of 1812, the Mexican War, and the Spanish-American War combined.

There are no less than 15 beautifully rendered and detailed flags on this sheet, 5 second Nationals, 6 Second issue bunting Battle Flags (two of which are Regimental specific), 3 North Carolina State flags; one of which is the heavily scrolled flag of Colonel Tew’s 2nd North Carolinians, and one 1st National of Company B the 5th Alabama.

The Regiments Represented are:

Rodes's Brigade
Brig.-Gen. R. E. Rodes
  • 3d Ala., Col. C. A. Battle
  • 5th Ala., Maj. E. L. Hobson
  • 6th Ala., Col. J. B. Gordon, Lieut.-Col. J. N. Lightfoot
  • 12th Ala., Col. B. B. Gayle
  • 26th Ala., Col. E. A. O'Neal
Anderson’s Brigade
Brig.-Gen. George B. Anderson
Col. Risden Tyler Bennett
  • 2d N. C., Col. C. C. Tew, Capt. G. M. Roberts
  • 14th N. C., Col. Risden Tyler Bennett, Lieut.-Col. William A. Johnston
  • 4th N. C., Col. Bryan Grimes, Capt. W. T. Marsh, Capt. D. P, Latham
  • 30th N. C., Col. F. bi. Parker, Maj. William W. Sillers

As always these flags are available in both 25mm scale and 15mm scale. Other scales are available upon request.

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North American customers can now purchase this set and all of the other Battle Flag wargame flags direct  from our U.S. distributor Architects of War.

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