Thursday, 15 July 2010

New Thirty Years War Wargame Flags for Sweden, Holk and Bayern & Liga from Battle Flag

This weeks release from Battle Flag sees a return to the Thirty Years War with no less than 15 model flags on 5 Regimental sheets. 


The Swedish have three sets of wargame flags; The Blue Regiment, The Green Regiment and The Schlammersdorf Regiment.


The Holk Infantry gets its first set of three model flags of red yellow and black


The  Bayern & Liga get another very attractive set, to add to the Pappenheim sheets of wargame flags  already available from Battle Flag, with the distinctive Bavarian blue lozenge and rampant lion. 


The flags are all available now in 25/28mm with the Swedes available in 15mm on a single sheet of 10 flags.

Click Here to see the new Swedish Thirty Years Warcavalry flags.



  1. Glad to hear you like the work Conrad. There are plenty more TYW flags and banners on the way.

  2. Any idea on when we will see a Bavarian Cuirasser flag for 30YW? I will beg if it will help.

  3. Hello Dennis, no need to beg mate. But if you could send a pic through of the flag or flags you would like to see I will get to it. Email is