Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Standard of the 1st Texas Infantry From Battle Flag.

The first Confederate promo figure is now finished. As is now becoming the norm with Battle Flag ACW promo pics the figure is from the excellent Perry Miniatures 28mm range.

Representing a standard bearer of the 1st Texas Infantry charging with the colours. Known as the Wigfall it was made by Lula Wigfall, daughter of the regiment's first colonel, Louis T. Wigfall, and was presented to the 1st Texas in the summer of 1861.

As the battle honors attest, the 1st Texas fought under this flag throughout the Peninsula Campaign. The Texans carried it through the battle of Second Manassas in August 1862 and on into Maryland during Lee's first invasion of the North.

At the Battle of Antietam, in Miller's cornfield  the 1st Texas suffered 82.3 percent casualties, being the highest number of killed and wounded suffered by any single unit North or South in a single action during the entire war. During the battle no less than nine men fell carrying this flag. When the ninth standard bearer was killed, the flag was lost. It was picked up from among the Texas dead by a Union soldier. 

The "Wigfall" standard from Battle Flag is from the Hoods Texas Brigade set. The set comes as a plate sheet  and contains no less than 11 standards. The battle flags and standards for 1st Texas, 4th Texas, 5th Texas , 18th Georgia, 3rd Arhansas, Hamptons Legion are all beautifully represented and are a superb addition to anyone who wargames or collects Hood's Texas Brigade. The set is available as a plate in 15mm, 25/28mm and as a two plate set in 54mm from Battle-Flag.com.

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  1. I hope my figures will look that good. Those flags are going to just what the Doctor ordered. :)