Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Flags of Montrose's Irish Brigade (Part Two)

Having now gotten my hands on the excellent little booklet, Scots Armies of the 17th Century. The Royalist Armies 1639-46 by Stuart Reid I have spent the last few days working on the flags of Montrose's Irish.

The second sheet of wargame flags in the series is now ready and carries the image of Montrose and the quotation from,My Dear and Only Love, which will be a feature of these particular sheets of model flags to help identify them in listings etc.

This particular sheet includes the blue flag with the Virgin and child crushing the head of a serpent and the white flag bearing a blood red crucifix in the Irish style.

My reasoning for the Celtic Cross rather than a simple Crucifix is that having grown up near an  old Chapel in County Tyrone I remembered the  graveyard was full of Celtic crosses rather than the standard crucifix. So would it not make sense to have this style of Cross emblazoned on the Standard of Irish soldiers of the 17th Century. It certainly gives the flag a lot more flair.

You can see the previous sheet in the series HERE


  1. when will you make the next flags for the irish brigade?

    btw they look really nice!

  2. Hello Chris, glad you like the work. The other flags in the set are approximately 75% complete and should see release in the next few weeks.

    Cheers, Richard.

  3. Great! I'm looking forward to see them!