Wednesday, 16 June 2010

1st Corps to Raise the Standard for Battle Flag at Phalanax Wargame Show

Battle Flag gets it official UK launch at the Phalanx Wargame Show in St Helens on Saturday 19th 2010 at the 1st Corps trade stand.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, well it is for me… first show and all,  you will be able to purchase for the first time ever Battle Flags all new 15 mm English Civil War sheet of 17 Parliamentarian flags.

The full range of wargame and collectors flags from Battle Flag in 15mm and 25mm will be available to view and purchase at Phlanax from the lads of 1st Corps.

1st Corps will be selling the full range of flags from Battle Flag at this and other prestigious wargaming shows and events throughout the UK for the rest of 2010.


  1. where can I get these in the US please?

  2. Hello Steve and thaks for your interest. You will be glad to that Architects of War are distrbuting their U.S.
    The flags will get their first U.S. outing at Historicon at the AoW trade stand.
    Ernie at AoW has the full range in stock and you can contact him at