Thursday, 29 April 2010

Battle Flag Release Wargame Flags of ACW Confederate General John Bell Hood's Texas Brigade

Today’s release covers the flags of the tenacious Confederate General John Bell Hood’s Texas Brigade. Represented are the flags of 1st, 4th and 5th Texas Infantry Regiments and the standards of the 18th Georgia Infantry, Hampton’s Legion and the 3rd Arkansas Infantry.

As with all our Battle Flag wargame sheets a lot of consideration is given to the layout of the miniature flags to maximize the aesthetic quality of the finished product. With a picture of General Hood surrounded with the flags and standards of his Texas Brigade Regiments this is we believe the most attractive yet. In fact one is now framed and hanging on the Studio wall.

Battle Flag will have more exciting releases in the ACW Brigade range over the coming weeks allowing wargamer to create historically accurate named Brigades and more faithfully reflect the correct order of battle in their wargames and collections of military miniatures.

You can view more sets of Confederate wargame flags at 

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