Thursday, 18 March 2010

Battle Flag Releases Thirty Years War Flags in 15mm!

Due to numerous requests I have decided to release the Battle Flag range in 15mm. The First in the series are from the Thirty Years War period and represent the Imperialist Regiments of Pappenheim.

Using the same high quality materials and highly detailed images Battle Flag now offers the same superlative detail in 15mm as in its larger 25mm ranges.

I decided to place no less than 12 flags on each sheet and at only £5.25 per sheet. This offers the 15 mm war gamer and model soldier collector excellent value for money (less than 44 pence per flag).

You can currently purchase these directly and payments can be made via PayPal at no extra cost and this will ensure that your order will ship within 24 hrs.

Please feel free to contact me on should you have any questions.
Cheers. Richard.

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